FOOT AND ANKLE conditions

Medical care for many foot and ankle conditions  are often as simple as an orthotic or a brace. However, more involved complicated cases sometimes require foot or ankle surgery to correct the underlying problem or deformity. Dr. Scheinost has been in practice for 18 years specializing in complicated foot and ankle reconstructive and revisional surgery. He has a special interest in ankle instability frequently seen in athletes as well as the general public. He commonly treats heel pain including plantar fasciitis and heel fractures. His practice philosophy has always been to treat conditions conservatively without surgery at first, unless the condition will only be resolved with surgery. He commonly sees patients for the following conditions:

·  Ankle Sprains and Ankle Instability

·  Plantar Fasciitis

·  Achilles Tendon Strain or Rupture

·  Bunion

·  Complex Fractures

·  Bone Spurs

·  Ingrown Toenails

·  Skin Lesions/Warts

·  Neuromas

·  Diabetic Ulcers

·  Foot and Ankle Disorders

·  Foot and Ankle Injuries

·  Foot Deformities

·  Hammer Toe

·  Infections

·  Limb Length Discrepancy

·  Neuropathy

·  Non-Unions and Malunions of Fractures

·  Pediatric Ankle Fractures

Foot and ankle pain can keep you from taking part in your normal day to day activities such as walking, house work, gardening, climbing stairs, riding a bike, running or even driving a car.

Our feet and ankles support our entire weight allowing us to walk.  If you are having  foot or ankle pain call us at (253)840-4090.