Residencies: UCLA/West Los Angeles Medical Center

Medical Schools: California College of Podiatric

Undergradaute Degree: University of Washington

Dr. Tyler A. Scheinost DPM is a practicing Foot and Ankle specialist in Puyallup Washington. Dr. Scheinost graduated from the University of Washington in 1993. He then attended California College of Podiatric Medicine, graduating in 1997 followed by a surgical Residency at UCLA/West LA Medical Center, graduating in 2000. He began practice in Puyallup in August 2000 with Puyallup Foot and Ankle Center and has been in practice for 19  years. Dr. Scheinost  specializes in complicated foot and ankle reconstructive and revisional surgery. He has been an attending surgeon for the franciscan residency program for the past 16 years teaching surgery to surgical residents. He has a special interest in ankle instability frequently seen in athletes as well as the general public as well as the full spectrum of foot and ankle problems. He is affiliated with St Francis, St. Josephs and St. Claire's Hospitals.

Dr. Scheinost accepts most insurance plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Regence, United Health Care, First Choice, Medicare and Department of Labor and Industries